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Pioneer AVH-1400NEX Review: Does it Deliver in 2022?

Pros and Cons


  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto works flawlessly
  • Easy to Install and
  • Great Sound Quality with lots of features to customize the sound
  • Bluetooth supports both hands-free calling and music streaming at one time.
  • Voice commands via Siri Eyes Free work great


  • The USB input is given at the back of the receiver which is hard to it daily
  • In bright sunlight, it is a little hard to see the display
  • The button quality is average
  • No Wireless CarPlay

Pioneer AVH-1400NEX Review

Display Quality
Sound Quality
Hands-Free Calling Quality


I recommend this head unit to those people who are looking for Apple CarPlay Hea Unit Under $500. You will not regret getting this touchscreen stereo. Worth your single penny!

I would also highly recommend ordering this $15 parking brake bypass as it will unlock all features of this unit without needing to be in the park.


What’s in the Box?

In the box of Pioneer AVH-1400NEX, you will find

Wiring Harness

The wire harness is like the nervous system for your car. It interfaces between all of its parts, including power and ground connections as well speakers to make sure everything works together seamlessly!

Bluetooth microphone 

The Bluetooth microphone comes with a wire attached to it for installation flexibility. It can easily extend up 10 feet in length, giving drivers the ability to place their device wherever they need it while driving! The USB extension also includes input on both ends so that you do not have any issues when connecting or disconnecting your phone from its charger during use – which will come in handy if multiple people are using one iPhone 5 at once (which we know is possible).

Other things in the Box

You’ll find that Quick Start Guide and installation manual in PDF form, ready to be loaded. So look no further than this handy dandy digital device if you’re worried about where or what kind of power source will keep up with all those bellowing engines running on theirs while they drive around town looking colorful as well as delicious (don’t worry–they taste good).


  • 6.2″ CD/DVD Touchscreen Radio
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Double-DIN chassis
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Satellite Radio Support
  • GPS navigation Ready
  • Wi-fi Connectivity
  • 3 pairs of RCA Pre-amp Audio Outputs, entrance, rear, and subwoofer
  • 4 volts pre-amp
  • 800 x 400 Resolution
  • Full Size: 11 x 12 x7 inches
  • Backup Camera Supported
  • Video/ Audio Output
  • Anti-shock and dual-zone management
  • SD card Slot, USB Slot
  • Pandora Streaming
  • Formats supported: AAC, FLAC,
  • Mpeg-3, MP3 playback, WAV, and WMA
  • Warranty of 12 months

Pioneer AVH-1400NEX 2 Minute Review

On New Year’s Day, Pioneer released a bunch of new radios including the MVH 140NEX. This app-supported FM dial radio features dual-zone tuning and anti Theft protection for your iPhone or Android device while also being IPX7 water-resistant so you can take it outside on rainy days without fear of ruining anything!

Apple CarPlay has been a life changer! I never thought that something so simple could be such an improvement, but Apple’s intuitive interface with my phone and playlist options have made me love car rides again.

With its built-in Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, you can enjoy your music, calls, and navigation all in one! It creates a connection between the phone to this device so you don’t have any more distractions during driving or while at work – it will only give priority when needed like hands-free calling for instance since that function requires audio input from another source besides just speaking out loud into nothingness (which would be annoying). You also get access to other features such as transferring first-party apps like messaging or call history; playing tunes locally stored on iTunes library straight away through Bluetooth speakers connected wirelessly over USB cable which makes streaming even easier than ever before without interrupting what’s being played. Voice commands work perfectly for this because everything happens right there at your fingertips via speakerphone.

 It also does not have an interface with your phone as most receivers do; instead, this one connects through Carplay on iPhone or Siri Eyes Free Play when paired via Bluetooth 4.0 LE if you want hands-free calling capabilities! You can transfer music apps such as Spotify, Pandora radio station finder app I heart audiobooks Apple Music among others straight from the device onto yours so there aren’t multiple copies of any first-party software installed everywhere around town taking up space-saving storage locations at home either.

Design and Layout

When it comes to the layout, there isn’t anything complicated about this Pioneer AVH 1400NEX. The front panel has simple volume control and the HOME key here along with display keys for when navigating through menus or selecting your favorite artist/album in Spotify (you can also use voice activation). 

You’ll do most interaction with input from an external source via its 6.2″ touchscreen; however, two black plugs will be present if you plan on connecting auxiliary equipment such as wireless microphone included within product packaging plus another jack which enables operation of steering wheel controls using sxv300 SiriusXM tuner sold separately – note these ports only work together so make sure they match up appropriately!

Back Panel of Pioneer AVH-1400NEX

The back panel of the AVH 1400 NEX starts with two black plugs. One plug is for Bluetooth microphone included in your product, while another jack can be used to operate steering wheel controls if you have an optional SXV 300 tuner from Sirius XM or I Data Link Maestro integrated into your car’s system via our OEM Integration Unit that will also connect here at USB Port – perfect! It has all sorts of other goodies too like Apple Carplay integration (iPod/iPhone), Music Movies, still images playback through a thumb drive…


The USB extension given in the box to bring your USB port up into a more convenient place for you is where audio and video aux input plugs on. Next, we have three sets of RCA outputs that can be set as the front, rear, or subwoofer out depending on what kind of setup works best with any external amplifier being used at this time also brown jack here enables backup camera function if needed while yellow channel helps add navigation system from Pioneer which comes included free when buying their vehicle.

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